Online safety

Borrow Pets considers the safety of all our pets and members to be of paramount importance.

  • Every member is required to verify their account using our SMS verification system.
  • Our integrated private messaging service enables members to communicate safely online.
  • Our online community profiles can only be viewed borrow pets registered members.
  • Online activity is monitored
  • Members can alert borrow pets directly with any issues.

Pet safety

  • Meeting up with new members and becoming familiar with each other along with checking the home environments is recommended.
  • The pet owner should visit the property where their pet will be staying prior to the borrow. (This complements our verification system by confirming the address and ID of the borrower)
  • The borrower should make sure they are comfortable with the Pet with regards to handling, feeding, health and all other pet routine activities.
  • Borrow pets have included pet handling template forms that can be obtained within your profile page.
  • When letting a member borrow your pet its best to give them all the information they may need. We recommend that you use our Pet Information Sheet which can be found our consent forms page, this way you shouldn’t miss out any critical information.

Dog safety

It is widely acknowledged that dogs require more stringent safety measures to protect the owner, borrower and pet.

Dogs are more regularly walked under supervision than other animal and therefore come into more contact with the general public.

We advise that all dogs remain on their leads while being borrowed, if it has been agreed that the dog can be walked ‘off the lead’ use our off lead permission form found on our consent forms page to get signed permission from the owner.

For peace of mind we have contacted a national dog charity that offers 3rd party liability insurance for such instances.

As well as the above 3rd party liability insurance joining the Dog’s Trust offers many other benefits including:

  • Unlimited access to Vetfone.
  • 3rd Party Insurance for your Dog.
  • Canine Card.
  • Free subscription to the Wag Magazine.

Dogs Trust Membership – Join today for only £25 a year (or £12.50 if you’re over 60) and get lots of benefits for you and your dog!

For more information or to join simply click on the link below;

The Dog’s Trust