About Borrow Pets

Borrow Pets Ethos:

We believe that most issues in everyday life can be managed by local communities. Therefore the Borrow Pets ethos and values puts local communities at the centre of everything that we are striving to achieve.

This service is for local communities to utilise and we have made it 100% free of charge.

With UK cities becoming ever more populated with people and properties it's hard to keep track with all the changes. Borrow Pets provides a formidable solution that can help bring people and pets together in ever changing UK cities.

Borrow Pets offers a service, which is totally free, and as a result we expect our members to similarly borrow and lend pets for free in keeping with core spirit of the Borrow Pets ethos.

We sincerely hope that you will embrace this vision and help us create a greater and friendlier environment that brings pets, local neighbours and people together.

Kevin’s Profile

My pet experience:

I’m a pet lover and have been all my life, I’ve been lucky enough to have had the company of a number of animals, mostly cats and dogs but there have also been rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters and a horse.

From Marcel (cat) to Mister Tom (horse), they all needed lots of looking after, they love their routines and attention.

I have a lot of experience with cats and dogs but love pretty much anything furry or feathery.

My Availability:

Living in flat in London and having an exceptionally busy work life leaves me with the need to have my dog Boston (black lab) looked after by neighbours and friends.

Boston loves to have a regular walks throughout the day, it’s great to be able to count on people to help out if I’m not around.

Borrows and lends:

Most recently looked after family dogs Barney and Keia both black Labs, for holiday periods and the odd walk.

Oscar’s Profile

My pet experience:

Having grown up around pets, I have always adored animals. I’ve had a lot of experience caring for a number of cats. My mother has owned many cats so growing up round feline friends became second nature.

We have been lucky enough to care for the typical Moggie, Russian Blue, Siamese, Bengal and many Persians. All of these cats have brought me countless joy.

My experience of caring for cats has taught me to become responsible, as a pet becomes reliant on you.

I am really interested in reptiles, snakes and spiders are particularly fascinating to me. I would love to spend more time learning and interacting with these pets.

My Availability:

I rent a London flat, therefore cannot own a pet because of my property contract so I choose to borrow which seems to be a perfect solution for me and my family.

The borrowing process allows me to have all types of pets stay with me for short periods without upsetting the landlord. This process is particularly enjoying and fascinating for my children who gain valuable exposure to all types of amazing animals.

I make myself available for the various pets mainly during school holiday periods.

Borrows and lends:

Most recently looked after a Bengal cat for two weeks and fluffy Japanese Akita pup for a week.